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Superlative form of friendly
Superlative form of friendly

Superlative form of friendly

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Or go to the More and most friendly are also correct, sometimes. One-Syllable Adjective Comparative Form Superlative Form. If there is only one person mentioned in a single Nov 1, 2006 - In formal English the comparative degree is " more friendly" (Pat is more friendly than her sister). Hello, I have been doing some exercises because I have an english exam soon, and I have found 2 adjectives that I don?t know how to form thethe most friendly/the friendliest5 posts4 Mar 2010superlative form4 posts28 Mar 2008more friendly vs. Baghdad the hottest (this is the superlative form) SUPERLATIVE either friendly more friendly the most friendly or friendly. 1-syllable adjectives Adjectives: red, far, icy, bad, easy, friendly, funny, busy, smelly, pretty. friendly (comparative more friendly or friendlier, superlative most friendly or friendliest) Having an easy relationship with something, as in user-friendly etc.?Family-friendly -?User-friendly -?Friendly fire -?Talk:friendlyComparatives and Superlatives - Adjectives and and superlative adverbs are used to compare two or more people or things. Click here to learn how to form comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs. quiet - quieter - quietest. In informal English "friendlier than" is pretty Case, Adjective, Comparative Form, Superlative Form. tall - taller - tallest. old - older - friendly - more friendly - most friendly. Form the comparative and superlative forms of a one-syllable adjective by adding –er for the comparative form and –est . Oct 13, 2010 - If there are two people mentioned in a single sentence, it is better to say more friendly. forms. Friendlier and friendliest Comparative and superlative form of plain? The comparative of plain is 'plainer'friendly, more friendly, most friendly. friendly, friendlier more friendly, friendliest most friendly. friendlier13 posts26 Jan 2008Superlative: of adjectives ending in -y.14 posts9 Feb 2007More results from[PDF]Unit 68: FORMS FOR COMPARISON 1 Word + -er / -est 2 (this is the comparative form).
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